Institut Pascal Datasets (Older ones, Only Omnidirectional images)

Omnidirectional images and the corresponding ground-truth from the Institut Pascal dataset are temporarily hosted here. This is the data used for experimentation described in our IROS 2013 paper.


Two image sequences: PAVIN and CEZEAUX are available for download. For the ease of transfer and compact storage, the sequences are available as .mpg video files. A python script is provided for each sequence which can extract images from the video and store them in a separate folder. The details of how to run the script are provided below. To run the script, ffmpeg library and python are needed. Also, each sequence has an associated ground-truth file which contains the gps readings (in meters). The number of gps readings is the same as the number of images extracted and each reading constitutes (x y) coordinates of the location at which the image is acquired.

Pavin Sequence

video:  pavin.mpg


ground-truth:  pavin.gndth

Usage: $python <video folder>

Notes: The <video folder> argument in the above command is the folder which contains the “pavin.mpg” video file. After execution of the command, a folder called “images_pavin” will be created in the video folder containing all the images extracted from the video. Images are named as “images-%010d.pgm”. If everything goes well, the number of images extracted should be exactly the same as the number of lines (readings) in the ground-truth file. Each line is associated with the corresponding image. For example line 10 in the ground-truth file is the GPS location of the image 10 (image-0000000010.pgm).

CEZEAUX sequence video (contains three videos)

video:  cezeaux1.mpgcezeaux2.mpgcezeaux3.mpg


ground-truth:  cezeaux.gndth

Usage:  $python <video folder>

Notes: The Cezeaux Sequence is composed of three videos. The provided scripts extracts images from all three videos and stores them in a folder named “images_cezeaux” in the same folder as the videos.


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